Inserting a QMF report in a document

In an edit session, you can insert a QMF report into the document you are editing without leaving the session.

Restriction: You cannot use the document interface from QMF under CICS®.

Use the GETQMF macro to insert the report. The GETQMF macro is not a QMF command.

You can insert an existing QMF report into a document or generate a new QMF report by using QMF either interactively or through the command interface. You can also format the QMF report by using SCRIPT/VS control words that are used by the Document Composition Facility (DCF).

Before you insert the QMF report into a document, you must print it from within a QMF session.

The syntax of the GETQMF macro is:

GETQMF type option

In this statement, type specifies whether SCRIPT/VS control words are also inserted.

For a SCRIPT/VS document
For inserting a QMF report as is

The option parameter specifies whether you are creating a new report or inserting an existing one.

To create a QMF report dynamically
To insert an existing QMF report