GDDM errors

If a GDDM error occurred during printing, QMF displays a message with the GDDM printer nickname.

QMF displays this message:
GDDM error using nnnnnnnn. See message help for details.
The character string nnnnnnnn in the message represents a GDDM printer nickname. Press the Help key to display the help panel, which contains an explanation of the error. This topic explains some common errors and what you can do to fix them.

GDDM printing errors begin with the characters ADM.

Table 1. Common GDDM errors
GDDM error code Message Explanation and possible solution
DSQ50623 GDDM error. ADM0307 E FILE 'ADMPRINT.REQU—QUEUE' NOT FOUND. Severity 8. Function DSOPEN. *** CMD=PRINT QMF cannot find a nickname definition for the printer name the user specified. You must set up a nickname definition for the printer name, or supply one that is already defined.
DSQ50623 GDDM error. ADM0314 E UNABLE TO OPEN 'MYPRINT'. DD STATEMENT MISSING. Severity 8. Function DSOPEN. *** CMD=PRINT QMF was unable to find a DD statement for the output. You must provide a DD statement to your QMF startup EXEC, CLIST, or JCL to specify what to do with output from the nickname.
DSQ50623 GDDM error. ADM0482 E DEVICE NAME LIST '31E' IS INVALID FOR FAMILY 1. Severity 8. Function DSOPEN. *** CMD=PRINT Your nickname definition is incorrect. The device token you supplied is not a valid token for the type of GDDM printer for which you created the nickname.
DSQ50631 GDDM error. ADM0904 E ALPHANUMERIC FIELDS ARE NOT SUPPORTED FOR THIS DEVICE. Severity 8. Function ASDFLD. *** CMD=PRINT The output the user is trying to print is not valid for the type of printer defined by the GDDM nickname. Certain types of output, such as QMF charts, are restricted to specific families of GDDM printers.
DSQ90551 GDDM error. ADM0055 E SPINIT, AT '82F810C2'X ADM0050 E DEFAULTS ERROR. INVALID SYNTAX OR VALUE AT '...JIP,ADMMNICK' You might see a message like this when starting QMF. The message indicates that you made a syntax error somewhere in the ADMMNICK specification for the nickname. After you fix the syntax error, reload the ADMADFC GDDM external defaults module.
DSQ50633 GDDM error ADM0327 E 'TD WRITEQ' ERROR CODE '08000000'X, ON 'SYSP'. Severity 8. Function FSFRCE. *** CMD=PRINT A message like this indicates that the temporary storage or transient data queue (SYSP) to which QMF is attempting to print is closed, or that a DD statement is missing from your startup JCL.