Setting SMTP server preferences

You use the SMTP area of the Preferences window to specify the list of available SMTP servers.

About this task

Defining parameters for commonly used SMTP servers in the SMTP area saves users from having to specify these parameters every time they need to send an email message by using these servers. For example, if the SMTP server password is expired, you just need to change it once in the SMTP area instead of updating authorisation information for every object that uses this SMTP server.

The servers listed in the SMTP area can be used in the following procedures:

  • Adding a Send Mail action to a Visual Project
  • Sending email messages by using the File > Send to command
  • Sending email messages by using the MAIL TO procedure command.
To specify SMTP server preferences:


  1. Select View > Preferences to open the Preferences window. Select Email from the tree and navigate to the SMTP area.
  2. Add a new server to the list by clicking Add Server.
  3. In the SMTP window specify SMTP server parameters including its name, address and port number.
  4. Optional: If the SMTP server requires authentication, select Use SMTP authentication, and then specify user name and password in the User and Password fields.
  5. Optional: If it is necessary to specify additional access preferences, click Advanced to open the Advanced SMTP Settings window where you can add required keywords supported by javamail. Click OK.
  6. Click OK to close the SMTP window and then click Apply to save your preferences choices.
    Tip: Select or clear the Enabled check box to control the SMTP settings globally.
  7. Optional: If you need to restore default preferences, click Restore Defaults.
  8. Click Apply and Close to close the Preferences window.