Setting general preferences

You use the General page of the Preferences window to specify the language, orientation direction, locale settings, and object default actions.

About this task

To specify the general user preferences for the current QMF application interface session:


  1. Select View > Preferences. The Preferences window opens. Select General from the tree.
  2. Conditional: If available as an option on the Preferences window, select from the Language drop-down list of supported languages the language that will be used for the current application interface session. Select the value Auto to use the local language of the current machine.
  3. Select from the Direction drop-down list the orientation that will be used to display information in the current QMF application interface session. You can select Left-to-Right or Right-to-Left. You can select Auto to use the default orientation of the current machine.
  4. Select from the Locale setting for numbers, currencies, times, and dates drop-down list the language that will be used to display numbers, currencies, times and dates in the current QMF application interface session. Select the value Auto to use the local language of the current machine.
  5. Click one of the Default Action for Objects radio buttons to specify the action that QMF will perform when you double-click an object that is included in an explorer tree. Select Run object to run the object that is selected. Select Display object to display the SQL content of the object.
  6. In the Default Tab for the Query Editor area, you can specify the tab on which the Visual Query Editor is opened by default for a new query.
  7. In the Scheduler Type area, select the scheduler that you want to use for the scheduled tasks:
    • Select the QMF for Workstation scheduler option to work with the application scheduler.
    • Select the Native option, to work with the operating system scheduler.
  8. Click the Line width list and select the required value for the line width or enter the value of the maximum line width.

    The available values for line width are from 10 to 1000. The default value is 79.

    This value is used in the Query menu item Reformat Text for SQL text.

    Additionally, the value specified in the Line width field:
    • Controls the maximal line length in the DDL scripts, which are displayed when you create or update repository storage or QMF catalogs.
  9. Select the Always run in background check box to perform long running operations displayed in the Progress dialog in the background without blocking you from doing other work.
  10. Select the Always run objects by clicking the Results tab check box to run QMF objects automatically when you click the Results tab in the editor for the first time.
  11. Click Apply to save your preferences choices.
  12. Click Restore Defaults to restore the default preference values.
  13. Click Apply and Close to close the Preferences window.