Setting the audit system

Use the Audit page of the Preferences window to enable and configure the audit system for QMF.

About this task

To enable and configure the audit system:


  1. From the main menu, select View > Preferences.
  2. On the left side of the window, select Audit.
  3. Select the Enable audit check box.
  4. To set the audit system to record only failed events, select the Record failed events only check box.
  5. In the Backup interval (days) field, specify a time interval to define how often database backup files are created.
    Note: After backup files are created, the original database is cleared.
  6. In the Delete all backup files older than (days) field, specify an age for database backup files to be deleted.
  7. Select the Record SQL statements for users check box to set the audit system to record SQL statements made by users for queries against the database.
    • Select All Users to record SQL statements made by all users.
    • Click the Specify Users... button to open the Data Source Users dialog and specify particular users. Click OK to accept the changes or Cancel to leave the dialog without saving the changes.
  8. Click Apply to apply the settings and remain on the page or click Apply and Close to apply the settings and close the window.


After audit is enabled, all information that is gathered by the audit system is saved to the tables under the AUDIT schema in an H2 database. This database is created in the application data folder. The summarized information from all the tables is presented in the AUDIT_VIEW table. For information about reading audit records, see Using the audit system.