Performance and resource control

The QMF product family is designed to handle the throughput of the zSeries platform and can handle very large amounts of data. Built-in governing functions help you ensure that resource loads remain within defined parameters as data flow scales to handle greater operational demands.

Built-in and user-defined QMF resource limits help you manage resource consumption. By setting resource limits, you can control a user's access to data sources.

In QMF for Workstation and QMF for WebSphere®, you implement resource limits for users by using the administrative interface of either application. The resource limits implemented in either interface apply to all users of both QMF for Workstation and QMF for WebSphere.

In QMF for TSO and CICS®, you implement resource limits by using built-in governor logic or the QMF HPO/Manager.

Both the built-in governor logic in QMF for TSO and CICS as well as the governing functions available in QMF for HPO can be used in conjunction with the Db2® resource limit facility.