Editing group properties

You can edit the properties for each group that can access an internally secured repository.

About this task

To edit a group's properties:


  1. Open the Users and Groups view by selecting Window > Show View > Users & Groups > Other. Expand the QMF Workbench and select Users and Groups. Right-click a group name in the tree and select Properties from the pop-up menu. The Properties for [Group] window opens.
  2. The Group name field in the Group General page of the Properties window displays the name of the selected group. You can make changes to the name of the group in this field.
  3. The parent group for the selected group displays in the Parent group field. To change the parent group of the selected group, click Change. The Edit Parent Group window opens. Expand the branches of the Groups tree until you expose the group to which you want to add the selected group. Click Set As Parent. The selected group will be moved to the new parent group.
  4. The description for the group is displayed in the Description field. You can edit the description text by typing new text directly in the field.
  5. Click Apply to apply the Group General properties that you have changed.
  6. You can add and remove users to and from the selected group using the Group Membership page of the Properties for [Group] window. All of the users that have been defined for the repository are listed in the Members list box. The corresponding check box for each user is selected if the user belongs to the group and clear if the user does not belong to the group. To add the user to a group, select the group's corresponding check box. To remove the user from a group, clear the group's corresponding check box.
  7. Click Apply to apply the Group Membership properties that you have changed.
  8. Click OK. The changes that you have made to the group's properties are saved.