Correcting errors when you enter an incorrect command

QMF runs the commands you issue on the list of database objects from top to bottom. If QMF finds an incorrect command, it stops, displays an error message, and highlights the line that contains the error.

About this task

Commands that run successfully have an asterisk (*), followed by up to seven letters of the command displayed in the Action area. If the objects on the list change as a result of running the commands, press the Refresh function key to display the changed list.


To correct an error:

  1. Read the error message to see why the error occurred. If you need additional help, press the Help function key to get an explanation of the error message.
  2. Press the spacebar to enter blanks over the incorrect command. If you want to delete all the commands on the list, press the Clear function key.
  3. Type the correct command in the Action area, and press Enter to begin issuing commands again.