Managing user assignments for all repository resource limits groups

Each user and group that is defined for a data source can be assigned to one or more repository resource limits groups.

About this task

The Assignment page of the Resource Limits window lists each user or group that is defined for a data source and each resource limits group that is defined for the data source. From this window, you can assign a user to one or more resource limits groups from a single dialog.

To make user assignments for all resource limits groups from one dialog:


  1. From the Repository Explorer view, right-click a data source. Select Properties from the pop-up menu. The Properties for [data source] window opens. Click Resource Limits. The Resource Limits window opens. There are two pages. Click the Assignment tab.
  2. The users and groups that have been defined for the data source are listed in the Users and Groups field. Expand the Groups folder to see all groups. Expand the Users folder to see all users.
  3. Each Users and Groups cell has a corresponding Resource groups drop-down list box. The Resource groups list displays all the resource limits groups that have been defined for the data source. To select a resource limits group, click the Resource groups cell for the user or group, click the downward arrow, and select a new resource limits group from the list of available resource limits groups.
  4. Click Save or OK. The new assignment is made.