Customizing users' object lists

Using the default views supplied by QMF for your table lists and column information can increase processing time, because Db2® gathers authorization information from the SYSIBM.SYSTABAUTH table. If you do not need the extra security provided by these authorization checks, consider creating your own views that generate a list of objects stored in the database.

About this task

Note: The installation option, EXTSEC, defined in installation exec QMF1310.SDSQEXCE(DSQ1DEFS), can influence the definition of the default views defined in installation job QMF1310.SDSQSAPE(DSQ1BVW). When set, the default views can be defined without any SYSIBM.SYSTABAUTH dependency.

To customize users' object lists, you create your own view, then run a SET GLOBAL command to use the view.

What to do next

In addition to customizing the default object list function, you can install an enhancement to the LIST command that lists tables and views authorized to either a primary authorization ID or a secondary authorization ID. This enhancement eliminates the need to grant privileges on these objects to PUBLIC if you want to see these objects in list results.