REXX language interface

REXX is an interpretive language; it does not have to be compiled.

However, programs that use compiled REXX or other compiled languages have better performance than the same programs written that use interpretive REXX. A REXX compiler is available for REXX programs, but not for procedures with logic.

Under TSO, start QMF with the REXX callable interface when you use procedures with logic and certain QMF form functions (calculations, defined columns, and conditions). The REXX callable interface can reduce resources required to use REXX services.

For example, fewer resources are required to issue PRINT REPORT or BOTTOM commands on the REPORT panel if QMF is started with the REXX callable interface. The reduction of resource consumption can be substantial and is most noticeable when running QMF under TSO.

The REXX language always operates in a command environment that determines how and where the command is processed. If you write a REXX program that issues QMF commands, you can use the QMF command environment through the ADDRESS QRW command.

Restriction: Because REXX is not available under QMF for CICS®, the QMF callable interface for REXX does not work under CICS.