Considerations for running your COBOL callable interface program

Pay attention to the details about running a COBOL program that uses the QMF callable interface.

When you translate, compile, and link-edit a program that uses the QMF callable interface, consider the following conditions:
  • The execution environment

    QMF is run as an Assembler program in the COBOL environment. Your COBOL program must call the QMF interface program, DSQCIB, by using a COBOL dynamic call.

  • Whether to use quotation marks or apostrophes

    You must use either double quotation marks (") or apostrophes (') to delimit literals in a COBOL program. You can specify the delimiter of your choice to the CICS® translation process and the COBOL compiler by specifying QUOTE or APOST. Make sure the APOST or QUOTE option in effect for the COBOL compiler matches that of the CICS translator.

    The communications area (DSQCOMMB) and the sample COBOL program (DSQABFCO) as distributed by QMF use quotations to delimit literals. If your site or program uses apostrophes instead of quotation marks, change DSQCOMMB or copy the structure to your program, changing quotation marks to apostrophes.

  • Availability of the communications area (DSQCOMMB)

    The communications area DSQCOMMB must be available to the COBOL compile step or copied into your program as a control structure.

  • Availability of the interface module (DSQCIB)

    The QMF interface module must be available during the link-edit step of your program.