Interface communications area mapping for C language (DSQCOMMC)

DSQCOMMC provides DSQCOMM mapping for C language programs and is provided with QMF.

The table shows the values for DSQCOMMC.

Table 1. Interface communications area for DSQCOMMC
Structure name Data type Description
DSQ_RETURN_CODE signed long integer Indicates the status of a QMF command after it is run

Its values are:

Successful execution of the request
Normal completion with warnings
Command did not run correctly
Severe error; QMF session terminated
DSQ_INSTANCE_ID signed long integer Identifier established by QMF during execution of the START command
DSQ_COMM_LEVEL character, length 12

Identifies the level of the DSQCOMM

In your application, include instructions that initialize this variable to the value of DSQ_CURRENT_COMM_LEVEL before issuing the QMF START command.

DSQ_PRODUCT character, length 2

Identifies the IBM® query product in use

Variables that begin with DSQ_QMF specify QMF for TSO and QMF for CICS® versions.

DSQ_PRODUCT_RELEASE character, length 2

Release level of QMF in use

Variable DSQ_QMF_V13R1 specifies QMF Version 13 Release 1.

DSQ_RESERVE1 character, length 28 Reserved for future use
DSQ_MESSAGE_ID character, length 8 Completion message ID
DSQ_Q_MESSAGE_ID character, length 8 Query message ID
DSQ_START_PARM_ERROR character, length 8 Parameter in error when START failed due to a parameter error
DSQ_CANCEL_IND character, length 1 Contains one of two values, depending on whether the user canceled while a QMF command was running:
DSQ_RESERVE2 character, length 23 Reserved for future use
DSQ_RESERVE3 character, length 156 Reserved for future use
DSQ_MESSAGE_TEXT character, length 128 Completion message text
DSQ_Q_MESSAGE_TEXT character, length 128 Query message text