The command form of INTERACT

The command interface (DSQCCI) runs QMF commands interactively only when the command interface application uses the command form of INTERACT and QMF is running an interactive session (DSQSMODE=I).

The command form of INTERACT has no effect on a command issued through the callable interface. In the callable interface, the only way to control whether commands are run interactively is to set DSQSMODE=I on the START command.

Use the following command syntax to request interactive execution of a designated command:
INTERACT command

In this statement, command is the command that you want to run interactively. Various QMF prompt and status panels can appear in this dialog.

For example, the following command displays the command prompt panel for RUN QUERY command options:

If interactive execution is not allowed, the command form of INTERACT has no effect on the command it precedes. An interactive session is not allowed in a QMF batch session or when QMF for TSO is started as a Db2® for z/OS® stored procedure.

You can check whether interactive execution is allowed in the current session by examining a global variable named DSQAO_INTERACT. A value of 1 for the DSQAO_INTERACT global variable means that INTERACT is allowed.