Navigating in QMF help

The QMF main help menu for QMF for TSO and CICS® provides a list of general topics, including topics related to QMF Analytics for TSO. From this menu, you can choose more specific topic panels.

QMF help varies slightly in how it allows you to access information, depending on what part of QMF you are using. When you press the Help function key:
  • In most parts of QMF, you see a menu related to the QMF panel you are using. Select the topic or area of information that you want to see.
  • In Prompted Query or the Table Editor (a feature that lets you add, change, or delete data in tables), you immediately see information specifically related to the part of the process you are working on.
  • While you are creating an SQL query, you see a table of contents from which you can select the information you want to see.
  • While you are working on form panels, you see information specifically related to the field on which you are working.
  • If an error message is currently displayed above the QMF command line, additional information related to the message is shown.

If you installed and configured QMF Analytics for TSO, you can access a list of general help topics from the QMF Analytics for TSO home page by selecting the Help function key and then pressing the Menu option. QMF Analytics for TSO also provides context-sensitive help for the Parameter Selection panels and the fields on the Parameter Selection panels. The help that opens (field-level or panel-level) depends on the location of the cursor when you select the Help option.

The following functions are available on function keys to help you navigate through QMF help:
Immediately removes all help panels and activates the underlying QMF panel.
More Help
Shows you a menu of panels that are related to the help panel currently displayed (available for selected topics).
Displays either the most recently displayed menu, or the menu for the underlying QMF panel.

You can repeatedly press the Menu function key to return to a menu one level higher than the one you are currently viewing.

Scrolls backward through the panel.
Scrolls forward through the panel.
Lists the functions of the keys for the underlying QMF panel.
Closes one help panel at a time.

You can return to the underlying QMF panel by repeatedly pressing the Cancel function key.

On help panels for some specific topics, activates the underlying QMF panel; you can enter commands on the command line of the QMF panel while the help panel is still displayed.