Creating resource limits groups

A resource limits group is a set of resource limits that are implemented collectively, for each user that is assigned to the group.

About this task

You can create one or more resource limits groups for each data source that you add to the repository. Resource limits groups can be created in the following scenarios:
  • You are using a repository as your resource limits provider and the data source that you are working with exists in a secured repository.
  • You are using a QMF Catalog as your resource limits provider.

To create a resource limits groups:


  1. From the Repository Explorer view, right-click a data source. Select Properties from the pop-up menu. The Properties for [data source] window opens. Click Resource Limits. The Resource Limits window opens. Select a resource limits group from the Resource limits groups list box. Click the Add icon. The New Resource Limits Group window opens.
  2. Type a name for the group in the Group name field. There are no restrictions on the name.
  3. Optional: In the Comments field you can specify up to 80 characters of comments describing the resource limits group.
  4. You can select the Create this group using schedules from the Default group check box to create the resource limits group with the same schedules as the default group. If this check box is cleared, the new resource limits group has no schedules. You create or modify a resource limits group's schedule using the Edit Resource Limits Group Schedule window.
  5. Click OK. The New Resource Limits Group window closes. The new resource limits group is created. Control returns to the Resource Limits window. The next step to setting up resource limits is to create or edit the resource limits group schedules.