Obtaining QMF Enterprise Edition distributed components

Source files for the distributed components of QMF Enterprise Edition must be downloaded from the Marketing Registration Services (MRS) site. Physical DVD kits and ISO images are no longer delivered with your order.


To download the distributed components from MRS:

  1. Verify that the purchase order that you received includes the following materials:
    • license Information for QMF Enterprise Edition DVD
    • Accessing QMF Enterprise Edition distributed components DVD
    • available maintenance packages
  2. Check for and download the latest technical update at Customer access portal for QMF.
  3. Open the Memo to Users on the Accessing QMF Enterprise Edition distributed components DVD to obtain the product access key and the URL of the IWM website where you can download the following source code and installation materials:
    Table 1. QMF Distributed Components
    Components Description File Name
    QMF for Workstation and QMF Data Service Studio For installation on 64-bit Windows. qmf_wks_studio_64bit_v13101.zip
    QMF for WebSphere® Installs on Java application servers. qmf_websphere_v13101.zip
    QMF Vision Installs on Windows or Linux Server and is enabled through a web browser. qmf_vision_v13101.zip
    QMF Server Installs on Java application servers and can also be installed as a standalone application on any platform that supports Java 8. qmf_server_v13101.zip