QMF Analytics for TSO

QMF Analytics for TSO is a data analytics tool for business users and developers that allows you to analyze query results that are returned by QMF for TSO. It provides statistical analysis, forecasting functions, and additional chart types, all from an easy-to-use, menu-driven interface..

QMF Analytics for TSO consists of the following components:
  • QMF Analytics for TSO Charts

    The QMF Analytics for TSO Charts component presents query results graphically and makes that data more usable to a wider range of users.

    You can run a query in QMF and then use QMF Analytics for TSO Charts to create a chart of the results quickly and with little effort.

  • QMF Analytics for TSO Statistics

    The QMF Analytics for TSO Statistics component provides a wide range of statistical analyses that you can run against QMF query results.

    You can take the output of a statistical analysis or forecast, such as a graph, a chart, or a table of data and use it as a means to visualize, validate, and understand the patterns behind your data. This capability, when combined with your existing business knowledge, can help you make better-informed decisions.

In QMF Analytics for TSO, you can save a chart or statistical analysis specification as an ANALYTIC object by pressing the Save function key. You can then use the saved specification in a RUN QUERY command by including the ANALYTICS option in the command. You can also list, display, and erase an ANALYTIC object through the LIST, DISPLAY, and ERASE commands.