Configuring QMF Analytics for TSO

Configuring QMF Analytics for TSO involves customizing and allocating files. QMF Analytics for TSO is a data analytics tool for business users and developers that allows you to analyze query results that are returned by QMF for TSO. It provides statistical analysis, forecasting functions, and additional chart types, all from an easy-to-use, menu-driven interface.

Before you begin

Before using QMF Analytics for TSO, you must:
  • Install, configure, and run the installation verification procedure (IVP) for the IBM® Graphical Data Display Manager - PGF (GDDM-PGF).
  • Ensure that the emulator that QMF Analytics for TSO will access can display data graphically (charts and statistical graphs).
  • Complete the QMF Analytics for TSO V13 installation and IVP.
  • The QMF Applications SMP/e FMID JYQDD10 must be installed to be able to access QMF Analytics for TSO. This FMID is available with all QMF Version 13 features, QMF for z/OS, QMF Enterprise Edition and QMF Classic Edition.