Publishing objects to QMF Server Objects node

Objects that are available on the QMF Server can be viewed inside QMF from the QMF Server Objects node of the repository tree of objects. You can add (publish) objects to the QMF Server Objects node by using the Publish to QMF Server wizard.

About this task

To publish one or several objects to the QMF Server Objects node of the repository tree of objects, complete the following steps:


  1. In the Repository Explorer view, select the objects that you want to publish, right-click the selection, and select Publish to QMF Server from the menu.
    Restriction: Currently, the following objects can be published:
    • Analytical queries
    • Compound dynamarts
    • Dynamarts
    • Forecasts
    • Tables
    • Virtual tables
    • Visual queries
    Note that objects with prompts cannot be published to QMF Server Objects node.
    The Publish to QMF Server wizard opens.
  2. In the wizard, make sure that the objects that you want to publish are selected from the Current table list.
  3. In the New name field, specify the name that the object acquires when it is published.
  4. In the Field definitions area, you can edit the result set structure for the object that you want to publish:
    • To add a column or a calculated column to the result set, click Add Column and select a column from the list or type an expression.
    • To remove a column from the result set, click Remove Column.
    • To reorder the result set rows, select the row that you want to reposition and click Move Up or Move Down.
  5. Click Next.
  6. On the Specify user names and passwords for data sources page of the wizard, specify data sources that the objects use:
    • To add a data source to the list, click Add Data Source.
    • To remove a data source from the list, click Remove Data Source.
    • In the Login and Password fields, specify user credentials for the data sources that you add.
  7. Click Finish.