Updating object attributes

You can view and update the associated attributes of the QMF object that you are editing on the Object attributes panel.

About this task

QMF object attributes are properties such as owner, name, comments, folder or share option, that are associated with QMF SQL queries or QMF procedures.

Enter the DESCRIBE command on the command line or select the Describe Object option from the Actions menu to view and update the associated attributes of the QMF object.


  1. To update object attributes:
    1. Navigate to the attribute input field.
    2. Enter new data.
    3. Press ENTER.
    4. Enter the END command to complete the update or enter the CANCEL command to exit without updating.
    5. The object type and subtype remain constant during the edit session and cannot be updated.
      Note: Any attribute changes that you make are saved back to the database ONLY when the object you are currently editing is saved back to the database.
  2. You can update the object name and owner of the currently edited object on the Object attributes panel. The object name at the top of the editor panel is also updated. If you save the object, the new object name is saved automatically .
  3. Objects must always have an owner. If you clear the object owner attribute field, the owner defaults to your QMF connect ID instead.
  4. Objects can be unnamed. This can occur either because you are editing an unnamed object in QMF temporary storage or because you cleared the name attribute field of the object. Unnamed objects are saved back only to the QMF temporary storage area and not back to the database. An unnamed object cannot be saved with associated attributes such as comments, share option, or folder name.