Changing rows

You can change rows by using the Table Editor CHANGE panel. You can change information in any field that is enclosed in parentheses.


To change a row:

  1. On the Table Editor CHANGE panel, type the changes to that row.
    • To display the default settings for the fields, press the Show Field function key.
    • To change a value to the default value for a field, if a default value is available, type the default indicator in the field.
    • To remove changes you type and return the original data to the fields, press the Refresh function key.
    • To see the next row without changing this row, press the Next function key.
  2. Press the Change function key.
    • If you specified that you want to save changes as you make them (SAVE=IMMEDIATE), QMF adds the changes to the table.
    • If you specified to save changes only at the end of the Table Editor session (SAVE=END), the changes are held until you end the Table Editor session.

    If there are more rows to display that meet your search criteria, the Table Editor CHANGE panel displays with the next row in the search set. If there are no more rows that are left to display, the Table Editor SEARCH panel displays.


What to do next

If you want to search for a different set of rows, press the Show Search function key.