When the old and new release are in different subsystems

When the old and new releases of QMF are in different Db2® for z/OS® subsystems and you delete the earlier release, you remove all traces of QMF and objects created by QMF.

Before you begin

Important: Complete this task only if the old and new releases of QMF are in different subsystems and only if connectivity to the earlier release is no longer required.


  1. Migrate to the QMF Version 13.1 subsystem any QMF queries, procedures, or forms from the earlier release that you still want to use in Version 13.1.
  2. Delete the libraries of the earlier release of QMF as explained in Using SMP/E to delete the libraries of the earlier release.
  3. Drop the QMF packages of the earlier release as explained in Dropping packages from the earlier release.
  4. Delete the QMF constructs and QMF objects from the earlier release by customizing and running job DSQ1DELA. This job deletes the QMF control tables, including the QMF object control tables and any queries, procedures, or forms that they contain.
    1. Edit QMF1310.SDSQSAPE(DSQ1DELA).
    2. Change the job statement to conform to your site's conventions.
    3. Verify (or change, if necessary) the values of the parameters in the instream procedure of the job:
      // DSQ1DELA PROC RGN='2048K',     Job-step region size
      // QMFTPRE='QMF1310',             QMF prefix
      // DB2EXIT='DSN1110.SDSNEXIT',    DB2 for z/OS exit library
      // DB2LOAD='DSN1110.SDSNLOAD'     DB2 for z/OS program library 
    4. Edit member QMF1310.SDSQSAPE(DSQ1DEL1). This job frees the QMF application plan of the earlier release.

      In job DSQ1DEL1, replace the DSN SYSTEM value that appears in parentheses with the name of the Db2 for z/OS subsystem. Replace the FREE PLAN value with the application plan name of the earlier release of QMF. Default QMF application plan names are shown in Table 1.

      For example, if you migrated to QMF Version 13.1 from QMF Version 9.1 in a Db2 for z/OS subsystem called DB2P, make the following changes in job DSQ1DEL1 to free the Version 9 plan:
      FREE PLAN(QMF910)
    5. Edit member QMF1310.SDSQSAPE(DSQ1DEL2).
      This member contains SQL statements to drop views, table spaces, databases, and storage groups.
      If the earlier release did not use a table space for the users' SAVE DATA commands and the IVP, delete the following statement:
    6. Edit member QMF1310.SDSQSAPE(DSQ1DEL3)
      This member contains statements to delete user-managed data sets for the QMF control tables. You do not need to complete this step if your data sets are managed by Db2 for z/OS.

      If your data sets are not managed by Db2 for z/OS, change QMFDSN in each statement in the job to the high-level qualifier you used for the release of QMF that you are deleting.

  5. Start the subsystem in which the earlier release of QMF resides, and submit job QMF1310.SDSQSAPE(DSQ1DELA).

    If the job fails, correct any errors and rerun the job.