Renaming the document interface macro (DSQAED1P)

The macro component, DSQAED1P, is the macro that users call to use the document interface.


To use the macro:

  • Rename a copy of the macro, preferably to GETQMF.
    This default name is used for the macro.

    If you are using an NLF, the main macro is member DSQAnD1P of the library QMF1310.SDSQCLTn, where n is the 1-character language ID for the NLF you are using. Like the main English-language macro, the macro can be renamed with no effect on the other components. Choose a name other than GETQMF if your users' JCL supports both the English-language and NLF environments. You might consider changing it to GETQMFn, for example.

  • Place the renamed copy in the library that contains the original (QMF1310.SDSQCLTE).