Keying information into the SYNONYM_DEFINITION column

Command synonym definitions must follow certain rules when you enter them into the synonyms table.

Follow these rules when keying your synonym definitions into the synonyms table:
  • Add single quotes around any variable in your synonym definition.
    Single quotes around a variable eliminate the need for the user to add quotes to the command synonym when running a query. For example:
    If you search for the name MARENGHI, you do not need to enter 'MARENGHI', because QMF does this for you.
  • Enter base verbs and keywords in upper case.

    Literal information in the synonym definition is not converted to upper case.

  • Qualify all object names if their owners are different from the SQL authorization ID of the user who uses the synonym.

    QMF leaves names unqualified when searching for a synonym that contains the object name specified. For example, if your synonym definition includes a query named MY_SALES owned by user ID JONES, ensure that the object name in the synonym definition reads JONES.MY_SALES. Otherwise, JONES is the only user who can use that command synonym.

  • Use only capital letters for letters that lie outside of delimited identifiers.

    If QMF converts user input (the synonym) to upper case and the synonym definition is in lower case, QMF cannot find the synonym definition that matches the synonym that the user entered. The CASE value of the user's QMF profile controls whether input is converted to upper case. Use the SET PROFILE command to change the CASE value.