QMF sample tables

QMF provides sample tables that you can use to help you learn and test product functions. These tables contain data about applicants, interviews, parts, products, employees, and suppliers of a fictitious electrical parts manufacturer, J & H Supply Company.

Table 1. QMF sample tables
Table Contains information about:
Q.APPLICANT New candidates for hire
Q.INTERVIEW Interviews of new hires
Q.ORG The company's organizational structure
Q.PARTS Product parts data
Q.PRODUCTS The company's products
Q.PROJECT Projects undertaken, by department
Q.SALES Sales and commissions
Q.STAFF The company's personnel
Q.SUPPLIER Vendor information

Additionally, QMF Analytics for TSO provides sample tables that you can use to learn about QMF Analytics for TSO functions. The following table shows the type of data that is contained in each sample table.

Table 2. QMF Analytics for TSO sample tables
Table Contains information about:
Q.CASHFLOW Data about cost and revenue that can be used with QMF Analytics for TSO discounted cash flow analytics
Q.CLIMATE_10YR Data about climate over a 10-year period
Q.CLIMATE_USA Data about climate in the United States, including data about rainfall and sunshine
Q.WORLDINFO Data about geographic regions in which the J & H Supply Company conducts business

In both DB2® for z/OS® and Db2 for Linux®, UNIX, and Windows, the sample tables reside in the DSQ1STBT table space. In Db2 for z/OS databases, this table space resides in the DSQ1STBB database. In DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows databases, the DSQ1STBT table space is found in the DSQTSAMP database partition group.