Maintaining a Db2 for z/OS subsystem

If you want to share the responsibility for maintenance, you can assign specialized administration tasks to users to perform under their own authorization IDs.

About this task

Give these users only enough Db2® authority to run the queries and utilities that are required for their tasks. For example:

  • The INSERT privilege is required on the Q.PROFILES table to create QMF profiles for new users.
  • DBADM or equivalent authority is required on databases to administer the associated tables, indexes, and table spaces.

    Include the WITH GRANT OPTION clause to enable the grantee to, in turn, grant lesser privileges on the database to other users.

  • STATS and REORG privileges are required on the database in which the QMF object control tables are stored so that these tables can be monitored and reorganized.

Except where noted, the information relates to Db2 for z/OS®. On z/OS, you can maintain multiple databases with multiple table spaces. On Db2 for Linux®, UNIX, and Windows, each server (a named location) is a single database. You can maintain multiple table spaces in each database.

To prevent users from accessing QMF during maintenance work, issue the Db2 -STOP DATABASE command for any table spaces that you will be working on before you begin maintenance operations.