Sharing a procedure with other QMF users

You can share a procedure with other QMF users just as you do other QMF objects, by saving it with the SHARE=YES parameter. Make sure that you also save any other QMF objects you specify in the procedure with the SHARE=YES parameter.

You can also set the DSQEC_SHARE global variable to share objects with other users. To set this global variable to allow other users to share your objects, enter this command:

To check whether an object is shared, use the LIST command to display the object. Move the cursor to the object name and press the Describe function key. If the object is shared, the value in the Restricted field on the object description panel is No.

Make sure that you qualify the name of every shared object in a procedure with your user ID or the user ID of the person who owns it. Doing this ensures that other people use the correct procedure, in case they have procedures with identical names.