Use the PREVIOUS command to navigate backward.

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The PREVIOUS command:
  • Navigates backward through the set of variations that are associated with the FORM.DETAIL panel.
  • Displays the previous column or the previous definition when the form definition is displayed.
  • Displays the row just added (if you are in Add mode) or the most recent successful search criteria (if you are in Search mode) in a Table Editor session.
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The previous column is displayed from the Column Definition or Column Alignment panel.
The most recent column with a non-blank definition expression is displayed when in the Definition panel.

Usage notes

  • Column definition requires REXX facilities and is not supported in CICS.
  • The Column and Definition parameters provide direct panel navigation on active column definition or alignment panels.
  • On a FORM.DETAIL panel, the PREVIOUS command:
    • Displays the previous panel variation (unless it would result in an error).
    • Can be entered from the command line, by pressing a function key, or from an application.
  • In the Table Editor, the PREVIOUS command can be entered only by using a function key.