DPRE is a command synonym that provides a print preview so that you can see how a report will appear when it is printed.

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When you issue the DPRE command synonym, QMF runs a REXX exec named DSQAnR1C (where n is a one-character national language identifier that depends on the language in which QMF is running). DSQAnR1C calls an associated exec named DSQABR1C. These applications are shared for use by everyone. When you issue the DPRE command, QMF completes the report and prints the report to a data set that is allocated to DSQPRINT. The ISPF browser is then called to view this data set. In the ISPF browser, you can use the FIND command to quickly navigate to a specific character string in the report.

If you are using an NLF, issue the translated command synonym for DPRE. For example, the German command synonym for DPRE is AGB. For the translated command synonym for DPRE in the other language environments, see the Q.COMMAND_SYNONYM_n control table, where n is the one-character language identifier for the language in which you are using QMF.

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