Starting the batch application in ISPF

The advantage to using the batch application is the BATCH command prompt panel because the user does not need to know JCL or QMF procedures. The user outlines what the job should do in the panel and leaves the details of how to do it to the application.

About this task

The batch query/procedure application must be invoked while its user is operating under QMF. When invoked, the application prepares a batch job for the user and submits it to the background. The job is prepared from information the user enters on a prompt panel. It runs a single query or procedure of the user's choice. Assuming the batch job is a SELECT query, the job can also:

  • Save the DATA object that is created by running the query
  • Format the report object using a form of the user's choice
  • Print the report
  • Write the report to a permanent data set
  • Send the report to one or more other users


To use the batch application, enter:


This command results in the display of the QMF BATCH command prompt panel as shown here:

Figure 1. The QMF BATCH command prompt panel
                      QMF Batch Command Prompt                                 
 Enter name of Query or Procedure ==>                                        
   Use Object from work area?     ==>  NO                                      
   Is Object QUERY or PROC        ==>  QUERY                                   
   PROC arguments ==>                                                          
 Enter Name of FORM to use    ==>                                              
   Use FORM from work area?   ==>  NO                                          
 Enter Name of QMF Batch PROC ==>                                              
 Enter Name of Data to Save   ==>                                             
 Enter Name of Report Dataset ==>                                              
   Is Dataset New?            ==>                                              
   Enter Optional Volser      ==>                                              
 Enter Report Width           ==>  133                                         
 Should Report be Printed?    ==>  YES                                         
 Enter Output Class           ==>  A                                           
 Log Messages and Commands?   ==>  YES                                         
 Enter Userids and Nodes to Send Report:                                       
   Userid(1)     ==>              Node     ==>                                 
   Userid(2)     ==>              Node     ==>                                 
 Enter Database  SUBSYSTEM ==>             Enter Database PLANID ==>           
 Enter TSO Logon Password  ==>           ( Press ENTER Key to Process Request )
 Please enter a name for the batch ITEM.