Updating the CICS startup job stream

You must update the DD statements in the CICS® startup job stream to ensure that the proper data sets are accessed during QMF initialization.


  1. Place the load library that contains QMF, GDDM, and Db2® for z/OS® modules in the CICS module load library list, DFHRPL.
    For example:
    //DFHRPL  DD  ...
    //        DD  DSN=QMF1310.SDSQEXIT,DISP=SHR
    //        DD  DSN=QMF1310.SDSQLOAD,DISP=SHR
    //        DD  DSN=DSN1110.SDSNEXIT,DISP=SHR
    //        DD  DSN=DSN1110.SDSNLOAD,DISP=SHR

    Be sure that the correct Db2 for z/OS release level is specified on the statements that refer to the DB2® exit and load libraries.

  2. Provide access to the following data sets, which are required by GDDM and QMF:
    //*         GDDM DATA SETS
    //ADMF      DD DSN=GDDM.ADMF,DISP=SHR         QMF map group
    //ADML      DD SYSOUT=A
    //ADMS      DD SYSOUT=A
    //ADMT      DD SYSOUT=A
    //*         QMF DATA SETS
    //DSQPNLE   DD DSN=QMF1310.DSQPNLE,DISP=SHR   QMF panel file
    //DSQDEBUG  DD DSN=QMF1310.DSQDEBUG,DISP=SHR  Trace and error messages
    //DSQUCFRM  DD DSN=QMF1310.DSQUCFRM,DISP=SHR  User-defined ICU forms
  3. Shut down and restart CICS to incorporate your changes to the CICS tables and to the CICS startup job.