Running QMF in batch mode

If a user runs a procedure with the RUN command, the user cannot execute QMF commands except to cancel the procedure or the session. Thus, running a procedure using the RUN command can tie up considerable session time.

Alternatively, you and your users can create and run procedures and applications in batch mode, in which case they run independently of the user’s session so that the user can continue to issue commands.

If you need to run QMF noninteractively and you use QMF for TSO, you might consider starting QMF as a Db2® for z/OS® stored procedure. This interface allows any program that can call a Db2 for z/OS stored procedure, such as QMF for Workstation, to start QMF for TSO as a stored procedure and receive output back in a result set. You can also run a stored procedure to start a batch job from a remote v client.

If you are using an NLF, users at a multilingual site can choose the language environment for their batch QMF sessions, just as they can for their interactive sessions.