Describing QMF to CICS

Before you run QMF under CICS®, you must describe QMF to CICS by modifying and running a job that updates the CICS system definitions (CSDs).

About this task

Job DSQ1ECSD creates a new list called QMF, which is defined in the CICS system definition file (CSD). CICS offers a utility program (DFHCSDUP) to update the CSD with a batch job. Use DFHCSDUP to update all QMF/CICS control tables except the DCT. DSQ1ECSD also defines the DB2ENTRY that is associated with the correct plan name and group by the QMF transaction.


  1. Use the RDO VIEW Lsrpool name command to check the current definitions of the LSRPOOL.
    The QMF panel data set (DSQPNLE) requires a VSAM CI size of 32 K. QMF does not explicitly define an LSRPOOL entry. Instead, QMF defaults to the CICS default of 1. If the LSRPOOL in your installation is smaller than 32 KB, use DFHCSDUP to specify an LSRPOOL that supports a VSAM CI size of 32 KB.
  2. Edit QMF1310.SDSQSAPE(DSQ1ECSD) and verify or change the installation parameters in the instream procedure of the job to accommodate your site's needs.
    For example:
    //DSQ1ECSD PROC REG=2048K,        Job step region
    //      QMFTPRE='QMF1310',        DSN prefix for QMF
    //      CLOAD='CICS.SDFHLOAD',    Name of CICS program library
    //      CCSD='CICS.DFHCSD',       Name of CICS CSD file
    //      OUTC='*'                  Print sysout class
  3. Submit the job and check that the job ran with a return code of 0. If you receive a non-zero return code, check the job output and correct the error.