Creating sample charts and the QMF trace data set

This job runs statements (in DSQ1CFRM) that create the default QMF chart formats and the QMF trace data set.

Before you begin

If you migrated to QMF Version 13.1 from a prior QMF release, skip this step.


  2. Locate the installation parameters in the instream procedure of the job and ensure that their values accommodate your requirements.
    For example:
    //DSQ1BFRM PROC QMFTPRE='QMF1310',   DSN prefix for QMF product
    //            GDDMADM='GDDM.ADMF',    GDDM ADMF data set name
    //            CHRTVOL='QMFVOL',       QMF/GDDM charts volume
    //            TRCVOL='QMFVOL'         Trace data set volume
  3. Edit DSQ1CFRM COPY, which is referenced on the SYSIN statement of the DSQ1BFRM job.
  4. Customize the VSAM control statement for your installation.
    For example:
                      VOLUMES(QMFVOL) -
                      UNIQUE -
                      RECSZ(400 400) -
                      CONTROLINTERVALSIZE(2048) -
                      KEYS(20 0)) -
                      DATA -
                     (RECORDS(1000 300)) -
  5. Submit QMF1310.SDSQSAPE(DSQ1BFRM).
  6. Check for a return code of 0. If the return code is not 0:
    1. Edit DSQ1CFRM and remove the steps that ran successfully; otherwise, you will receive error messages indicating that the objects are already there.
    2. Check the trace data set, DSQDEBUG, for errors. See The trace facility for more information about this data set.
    3. Correct any problems you find and rerun the job.