Working with charts using the ICU

The changes you make to a chart by using QMF forms usually affect the data you want to display on the chart. The changes you make to a chart in the Interactive Chart Utility (ICU) usually affect the format of the chart itself.

Use the ICU to change chart presentation properties, such as color, position, and size. The following table identifies changes you can make to charts using the ICU.

Table 1. Quick reference for changing a chart in the ICU
Change ICU home panel Select
Axis titles AXIS OPTIONS X-axis; function key for Y-axis
Legend position HEADING, LEGEND, AND LAYOUT Legend Position and Format
Color and size of legend text DATA ENTRY & IMPORT Group Name Attributes
Chart size HEADING, LEGEND, AND LAYOUT Chart Dimensions
Color and appearance of data DATA ENTRY & IMPORT Data Attributes
Position of data along X-axis DATA ENTRY & IMPORT Data Interpretation
X-axis label color and size DATA ENTRY & IMPORT Data Label Attributes
Chart heading color and size HEADING, LEGEND, AND LAYOUT Chart Heading (answer YES)
Heading and axis positions HEADING, LEGEND, AND LAYOUT Heading and Axis Positions