QMF procedures

QMF procedures are QMF objects that run within QMF and issue QMF commands. QMF procedures can be run interactively or non-interactively. You can run a procedure non-interactively by starting QMF in batch mode. If you are using QMF for TSO, you can also start QMF as a Db2® for z/OS® stored procedure.

QMF procedures can execute any QMF commands available at your site. QMF provides two types of procedures: linear procedures and procedures with logic.
  • Linear procedures contain only QMF commands and comments. You can use linear procedures in all environments supported in QMF.
  • Procedures with logic combine QMF commands with REXX logic that helps you to create more powerful programs. You can use procedures with logic in all environments supported in QMF except CICS®. Procedures with logic can contain QMF commands and any statement that is valid in a REXX program, including system commands.

QMF provides a system initialization procedure and other methods that enable you to run commands and set global variables before the user sees the QMF home panel.