Starting QMF from an application

Before you can run any other command from an application, you must start QMF. When using the callable interface, you start QMF by issuing the START command in your application. You can have only one QMF session at a time.

Your application can issue a START command to test whether QMF is started. If QMF is not started, it starts. If QMF is started, the return code is nonzero, and you receive the following message number and message:
DSQ50720 QMF already active; secondary session not permitted.

If your START command results in a non-severe error (a return code of 4 or 8), QMF starts, and a session is established. In this case, you must issue a QMF EXIT command to stop QMF. Inspect the contents of the interface communications area or the QMF trace data output for the cause of the error.

To pass parameters to QMF, specify the wanted command keywords on the START command.