Running callable interface programs under CICS

To run programs that use the QMF callable interface, install them on CICS® with your normal method of installing CICS programs.

In addition to the normal CICS requirements, the following considerations apply to all QMF callable interface programs that run on CICS:
When your program calls the QMF product, your program takes on the same characteristics as the interactive QMF product; it becomes a large conversational program.

QMF is an assembler-language program that contains CICS commands. It can be link-edited with other assembler-language programs or with programs supported by the callable application programming interface. When you call QMF using a high-level language, the program must be link-edited first. In addition, the resource definition online (RDO) program definition must specify that high-level language. Each high-level program has specific CICS considerations and restrictions.

In CICS, if you want to override any of the default QMF program parameters, you must specify the override values as parameters on the START command. For example, the default mode of operation from the callable interface is batch mode. To run an interactive QMF session you must issue the START command with DSQSMODE=I.

CICS region considerations
The user program that contains the QMF interface communications module and the main QMF module must run in the same region or partition. QMF resources, as described during QMF installation, must also be allocated to the CICS region or partition that runs QMF.
The CICS transaction that invokes your program must be described to Db2®.