Creating translatable applications

You can save time in adapting an application to new languages by using variables for as many language-sensitive objects as you can. Use variables to run the same program in several NLFs.

These variables can include:
  • The verbs, object names, and options of a QMF command
  • User-defined panel names

    If you create your own ISPF panels for your application, you need a set of translated panels for each language in which the application is run. Give these panels unique names and make them available to the application users. The application can then use variables for the panel names.

  • User-defined message identifiers

    If you create your own ISPF panels, you also create messages to be issued by ISPF. These messages panels have unique IDs and you can use variables to refer to them. Translate the message text into the appropriate NLF languages. The application can use variables for the message names.