The command language variable

To use English commands in an NLF session, set the presiding language variable, DSQEC_NLFCMD_LANG, to English. Use this variable to switch between English and the presiding language of the NLF session.

For example, suppose that your application is a procedure named WEEKLY_P. The commands shown here demonstrate how to switch between English and the presiding NLF language.

"SET GLOBAL (DSQEC_NLFCMD_LANG='1'"           2 
"RUN PROC WEEKLY_P"                           3 
These commands can be part of any valid QMF application, from an initial procedure to a high-level language program, but they must be in this order:
This line of the procedure saves the presiding language value in a variable.

The GET GLOBAL command saves the value for the presiding language in a variable called CURR_LANG.

This line of the procedure sets the presiding language to the language for which the application was written.

The WEEKLY_P application in this example was written with English commands. For this reason, the SET GLOBAL command sets the presiding language to English by setting the DSQEC_NLFCMD_LANG variable to 1.

This line of the procedure runs the application.

After the QMF session is set to English, the application in the example can be run. User commands must be in English. However, if a user presses a function key, the underlying command is assumed to be in the presiding language.

QMF assumes that prompt panels are in the user's presiding language. For the EXPORT and IMPORT command prompt panels, the default data set type, data queue type, or path name is also in the presiding language.

The QMF profile in effect for the session is the user's profile under the NLF that was set when the application started. The QMF profile of the presiding language is not the profile in effect. For example, a user who runs QMF in both English and German has both English and German QMF profiles. If the user starts a QMF session under the German NLF, the options in the German QMF profile are in effect. Then the user sets the DSQEC_NLFCMD_LANG variable to English to run a procedure written with English commands. In this case, the options in the German QMF profile remain in effect throughout the session.

This line of the procedure returns to the presiding language.

After the application ends, reset the command language variable to its original value as shown in the example.