Interacting primarily with the application

If your application is intended for users who are unfamiliar with QMF, you probably want them to interact primarily with your application.

You might not want your users to know that QMF is active. In this case, your application uses QMF services, but runs outside of QMF. Your program issues QMF commands only as needed.

Suppose that you write an application that uses QMF services. This application provides the user with a menu-driven interface. In the following example, your application controls QMF. Your user interacts only with your user interface and is not aware that QMF is active.

If the user selects option 1, the application executes a QMF procedure that runs a query and prints the resulting report.

Figure 1. An example of an application-defined panel
                        J & H Supply Company
                         Information System
Please select one of the following:
   1.  Print the monthly sales report
   2.  Create a new report
   3.  Modify information in the database
   4.  End the application
====> 1