Using diagnostics native to the environment

You might need to diagnose abends using diagnostic facilities in TSO, z/OS®, or CICS®.

In CICS, abend information is recorded in the DFHDMPx data set. This data set should be allocated in the CICS startup JCL. Most QMF programs contain a stamp that you can use to help identify them in diagnostic output. Here is an example.

Figure 1. Example of a stamp that identifies a QMF program
This figure shows an example of a stamp that appears in diagnostic output; the stamp identifies a QMF program. The stamp has the following parts: Name of QMF program – DSQCQUEM; Version and release number – V10R1.00; Date of Compile (yy/mm/dd) – 10/09/30; Time of Compile – 15:01; and APAR Number or IBM Information – PN40742.