Scheduling queries, reports, and procedures

Use the scheduled tasks feature to create automated actions such as running queries and exporting query results without taking direct action from the user interface.

Scheduled tasks are invaluable tools that help to automate business processes to run at specified dates and times. This is especially useful for actions that must be run on a regular basis, such as weekly sales reports that are supposed to be distributed to several different locations, or quarterly earnings reports.

In QMF for TSO and CICS®, you can use REXX or other application logic to run queries and perform other tasks in QMF batch mode so that resources are kept free during peak hours. You can start QMF batch jobs in multiple ways, including from remote Db2® clients.

Reports in both QMF for Workstation and QMF for WebSphere® and QMF for TSO and CICS can be submitted in a variety of ways – on demand, based on a workflow event, according to a predefined schedule, or based on conditional expressions you specify.