Built-in user assistance

Both topic-based and context-sensitive online help are available in all QMF environments. Additionally, wizards in QMF for Workstation and WebSphere® guide creation of everything from repositories to individual objects.

Explanations and suggested actions for error messages are available in the online help for QMF for TSO and CICS®. For errors associated with database SQL codes, the QMF error message help also displays the contents of the SQL Communications Area (SQLCA) so that you have all the important runtime information you need to help you troubleshoot potential problems.

In all QMF environments, you can optionally install sample tables and queries for use while learning or testing applications so that real-time data on production systems is unaffected by these activities. In addition to sample tables and queries, QMF for Workstation and WebSphere also provide sample reports and dashboards to help users learn how to create these objects. Cheat sheets for key tasks provide step-by-step instructions and make it easy to get started immediately.