IBM Netezza Release 7.2.x

The release notes provide special information about IBM® Netezza® Release 7.2.x including a summary of new features and changes, known issues, and customer bugs fixed in the release.

Review these topics before installing or upgrading to Release 7.2.x. The term 7.2.x refers to IBM Netezza Release 7.2 or any of the later point releases or service packs for that release. If information relates to a specific release, these topics use the full release number.

Never add supplemental hardware components to a Netezza system. A Netezza appliance can have open slots or rack space in some models; however, do not add hardware components to a Netezza system unless directed to or when working with IBM Netezza Support or Field Service. Inserting unsupported (or unexpected) hardware components to the system can adversely affect the system operation. Also, never remove any active hardware components such as disks or S-Blades without following the documented procedures for failing over or replacing failed components.