Commonly used nzsql internal slash commands

This topic describes some commonly used internal slash commands for the nzsql interface.

For more information about the slash options, see the IBM Netezza Database User’s Guide.
Table 1. Commonly used internal slash options
Command Description
\? Lists the available internal slash commands.
\h Lists the available SQL commands.
\h cmd Displays help for a specific SQL command. For example: \h create table.
\q Quits nzsql.
\l Lists all databases.
\dt Lists all tables.
\dSt Lists all system tables.
\d table Describes a table.
\dv Lists all views.
\dSv Lists all system views.
\d view Describes a view.
\echo text Writes text to stdout.
\! cmd Shell escape or command. Runs a shell command without leaving the nzsql session.