Netezza software and client applications

The IBM® Netezza® appliance uses various software applications to conduct its day-to-day system tasks and to allow users to run administration and data analysis tasks.

For example, the Netezza host uses the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating system (described in more detail in Linux host operating system requirements), and it also has software to manage the Netezza hardware devices and components, such as firmware, flash, and other applications. These applications are preinstalled when you purchase a Netezza system; when the system is installed onsite, Netezza installers help you to finalize the configuration and system settings to connect the system into your data center environment.

Periodically, Netezza issues patches to correct reported problems and to improve system performance. Netezza also issues new major and minor software releases to add new features and capabilities. When software updates and new releases are available, Netezza Support works with you to plan upgrade paths and to install the patches and upgrades to your system.