System Health Check tool

Netezza® System Health Check tool is used to discover those issues in the system, which might slow down the performance or result in system outage. The tool finds the root cause of the problem, analyzes it, and suggests solution.

This documentation applies to System Health Check version 2.3.1.

This tool is installed together with the NPS® software kit in the /nz/kit/share/healthcheck folder. The tool is integrated with the failover and upgrade processes.

The tool provides a daemon, which is a service that runs in the background. The daemon can function in two different modes that define how it works. Regardless of the mode, when you run the nzhealthcheck command, the daemon will produce a health check report. The report generation may take up to several minutes.

The tool is based on a set of policy rules. The policy rules cover the most frequent issues that were found by the support teams in the field. Based on these rules, automatic analysis of the system health is performed, and a possible solution for recovery is suggested.

Regardless of the mode in which the daemon works, you can run the nzhealthcheck command which:
  • Opens the monitoring database.
  • Collects the most recent data from the system components.
  • Requests the evaluation of rules.
  • Generates and prints the Health Check Report.