IBM PureData System for Analytics, Version 7.0.3

History database

The query history database is a special user database that is designed to hold query history information. You create the database by using the nzhistcreatedb command.

You can create one or more query history databases, but the active query history loading process writes to only one database. As with any user table, you can back up and restore history databases and tables by using the standard IBM® Netezza® database utilities.

Note: Netezza saves the dates and times for the activity in the history database in GMT format.

The history database contains special tables to store the history data, and views which users can query to display the collected history information. Queries on the history data use the views to ensure forward compatibility through the releases. Users can be granted permissions to create more user tables and views as needed for querying.

Restriction: Never change, drop, or modify the default tables and views that are provided in the history database. Any changes to the default tables and views cause query history collection to stop working.

There is a latency between the time that the history data is collected and the time when it is loaded into the history database. The history database is updated at periodic load intervals, which you specify in the history configuration.

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